_______________________Certified Green Gold    

The Certified Green Gold program in Chocó Colombia is the first project of its kind in the world, which looks to reverse the devastating processes done to these unique ecosystems, caused by out of control large scale mining of one of the most bio-diverse eco-regions of the world. Currently the initiative is being implemented in 12 Afro-Colombian communities, within the municipalities of Condoto and Tadó, the project seeks the active participation of the population, who are represented by the community councils, to ensure the successful development of the area.

Green Gold demands compliance with socially and environmentally responsible practices, by imposing a rigorous certification process on all mining methods, this then puts an added value on the metals produced, whether they be raw materials for jewellery making, environmental souvenirs, or as ready made jewellery.

_______________________Certification Criteria        

We fulfill the following Certification Criteria:

1. There should be no massive ecological destruction. This state being defined by changes to an ecosystem that places it beyond a possibility of recovery.

2. There should be no toxic chemicals used in the extraction process.

3. The mined areas should gain ecological stability within three years.

4. Top soil removed from the site should be replaced during the exploitation process.

5. Tailings and poolings must not exceed the local ecosystem capacity for rehabilitation.


6. The silt load into stream river or lake system will be controlled in quantity and frequency so that the native aquatic ecosystem is not disrupted.

7. The mining operations must be conducted with the agreement of the local community council.

8. The origin of gold and platinum (for royalty purposes) must be declared in favor of the respective municipality.

9. In forested areas mining activities must not exceed 10% of a hectare during rational periods of two years.

10. Local, regional and national regulations must be followed.

Biodiversity indicators will be established during the process in the intervened ecosystem.

Certifier Entity : Instituto de Investigaciones Ambientales del Pacífico (IIAP)
These Criteria are endorsed by the Association for Responsible Mining