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How will the continuous destruction

How will the continuous destruction of peatlands affect ecosystems?

Destruction of peatlands happens constantly, due to the joined influence of many common factors. The first, and most important, factor to cause the destruction of...


Dangerous peatlands: what are the factors that are causing a natural resource to emit toxic gas?

Peatlands are an important part of the global ecosystem, as they contain 90% out of the water. These wetlands store water supplies, preventing floods and providing...


How does government of Jakarta plan to restore damaged peat ecosystem?

The peat ecosystem of Jakarta was heavily damaged due to recent wildfires. This kind of damage presents a heavy blow to the ecosystem of Jakarta, considering the...


A restoration burn project in Beecher’s Prairies: how fires are used to restore native grassland

Throughout history, grassland in the area of Beecher’s Prairies suffers great devastation due to tree encroachment. Over-population of trees in this area...


Green China: efforts to transform deserts into green areas continue

China is one of the first countries to have introduced ecosystem restoration strategy into its official policy and continues to generously fund green restoration...


Manorama wetland receives funding for ecosystem restoration

As a result of the country’s colonial history, the ecosystem of New Zealand has suffered greatly due to the over-population of foreign animal species that were...

Ecosystem recovery projects are expensive and ineffective

Prejudice against ecosystem recovery projects

Why investing in the environment while people are starving? The devastation of ecosystems is exactly what causes human starvation in the first place. With green lands...

Erupting Forest Fires

How will Indonesia’s government reduce emissions through the management of peatlands?

Indonesia is facing another hard year in terms of managing its ecosystems, since catastrophic fires are striking the country, destroying its natural resources and...