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About us

Our blog is dedicated to spreading awareness and bringing ecosystem restoration issues to light. Our passion for preserving Earth’s natural resources has inspired us to publish stories and articles that are meant to expose environmental problems.  We hope to contribute to responsible efforts worldwide to revive deserts and turn them into green lands they once were. Regaining biodiversity of endangered lands, raising the amount of organic matter in ecosystems worldwide and bringing poverty to an end are the most important goals of ecosystem recovery, which we devotedly promote.

Our gold is to raise awareness about preserving humanities most treasured possession, which is a clean, healthy and safe ecosystem. In the modern age, ecosystems are endangered and damaged in countless ways by the hand of man, and our blog is the place for our readers to come and learn about ways to make the planet a greener place.

We believe that green ecosystems can be saved. Great efforts of individuals, organizations and governments have proven that Earth can live a bright future, with numerous green projects being put in motion one day at a time. We want to inform our readers about these projects and let them know that they are not alone in their care for green ecosystems.

We are also engaged in warning our readers about threats that both intentional and unintentional human behavior can pose to the health of ecosystems so that we can spread awareness and motivate our readers to live a more responsible lifestyle. We believe that each individual can contribute to healing and restoring devastated lands, and we will be glad to inform about our latest findings of the protection of the environment. We frequently publish informative posts that should warn our readers about threats of toxic gas emissions, water pollution, and land pollution, in hopes to help motivating individuals to take actions towards a greener and cleaner land, water, and air.

Our blog is the place in which we want to spread the hopeful and positive news about improvements in the field of the environmental protection. Countless teams of scientists, engineers and activists are joining forces with governments and organizations to act towards ecosystem recovery, and we are glad to inform our readers about their work and the results. We follow faithfully all the work that aware and responsible individuals and organizations do, and we want to share our thoughts and conclusions with our readers.

Our readers are welcome to visit our page every day to find informative and educational articles. We hope that we can inspire our readers to learn about latest achievements and solutions to environmental issues and choose to act towards a greener life.

Problems and threats to the maintaining of green ecosystems are numerous, but so are the solutions. We want to share positive and hopeful posts and stories with our readers, presenting these solutions and educating about methods through which ecosystems can be restored, biodiversity regained and barren desserts transformed into clean, green lands.